About my photography

Hi, I am Léon Wodtke, and my passion is photography. High contrast photographs are where I shine brightest. I have my own personal style, which I like to call "my perception", in which I try to get know a person first, so that I can portray someone's strengths, but also vulnerabilities, best. I bet you're wondering, why do I like to make photo's ? I've found that I can easily express my thoughts and emotions through photography, when i shoot a picture, I create an image through which others can experience my perception of the world. That and I love the endless creativity of it.

About Me

I am someone who is both people-orientated and task-orientated. I prefer to follow my intuition, instead of rationalism. I am well-versed communicatively and a pretty good judge of character. This is mainly due to past experiences and my view on the world, hence the "my perception" motto. What I see, and how I see it, is something I always try to share with the people around me. I love the freedom of self-expression, and the boundless beauty of it. Not only in the pictures I shoot, but also in the poetry I write. I'm a team player at heart, but just as strong independently when I need to be. Because when I want something, I always go for it wholeheartedly.